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The Rubber Roof

The rubber shingle is an eco-friendly and modern option for roofing those seeking a superior quality and look for their roof.  These shingles are mostly is made of recycled materials such as PVC, rubber tires and even plastic bags!

Rubber roofs are exceptionally resilient and are a recommended roofing option for the extreme climate of Lethbridge. These roofs are great withstanding high velocity impact that one can expect for example during a hail storm or wind gusts that often fly debris or even objects and damage the roof.

Durability and quality

One of the key features of Rubber shingles is that they tend to last longer than most other roof options. Repair of this type of the roof is usually much more simple unlike other types of roofs that can often require a total removal and replacement the old shingles. Rubber roofing is a great option both in terms of price, quality and overall lifetime of the roof.

Rubber Shingle Roof

Popular Rubber Shingle Options


EuroSlate Rubber Shingle

Short Description:
EuroSlate® was design to imitate the style and beauty of elegant extra thick chiseled-edge slate. This roof will bring a high level of class and elegance to your home at a great price. Not to mention 95% of the materials come from recycled sources!

Colors: Blackstone, Brownstone and Greystone.

EuroShake Hand-split®

EuroShake Handsplit Rubber Shingle

Short Description:
EuroShake Hand-split® is the better option for those who want the classic look of a wooden roof, without the issues  associated with wood shingles such as rotting, curling, cracking, mold and discoloration. It has an elegant finish with its wavy and rougher surface texture, and its also made from up to 95% recycled materials!

Colors: Black Wood, Weathered Brown and Grey.

Harvest Shake

Harvest Shake Rubber Shingle

Short Description:
Harvest Shake is a much lighter and easier to install type rubber shingles. It is light in weight but not in performance. Impact damage, such as large hail, is of no concern to those who own a rubber roof. It simply bounces off. It is has a great finish and classic look, made from the same high quality materials as the other shingles with up to 95% recycled materials.

Colors: Black Wood, Weathered Brown and Grey.

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Rubber Shingled Roof Alberta