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The Clay Tile Roof – Naturally Beautiful

A clay tile can recreate a wide variety of styles and fit many types of architecture. It adds a beautiful classic look to any house or building. From a classic executive look to that Baja style they can give an natural accent to any home in Southern Alberta.

The process usually begins with the clay tile created through baking the clay in a desired mold for style and texture. It is then added with the desired color and last with a weather proof membrane that makes the clay withstand the weather elements from wind to water or hail. Clay tiles have a long life span and are able to withstand harsh weather.

Premium Tiles

Lethbridge Elite Roofing provides premium clay tiles to any project that are:

  • Lightweight design for re-roof applications
  • Long-term beauty and durability of clay tile
  • Energy Star and Cool Roof rated
  • Will not fade over time
  • Class A Fire rated

Last but not least, clay tiles are one of the most sustainable building materials for your roof, as both the product can be easily recycled even after its lifetime of use.

Clay Tiled Roof

Popular Clay Tile Options

Classic Red

Classic Red

Short Description:

This one is the classic, timeless clay roof tile. It gives any home or building a charming Mediterranean look that can looks great on residential or commercial projects.

El Camino

El Camino Clay tile

Short Description:

This popular clay tile will give any home touch of Baja California. Like the name ‘El Camino’ this is a great choice for those who like to bring a little of Mexico home to Southern Alberta.


Black Clay tile

Short Description:

The classic black clay roof suits really well any home that is looking to get a more executive and urban feel to it. With the right exteriors selection, this roof style will get you standing out from the crowd.

5 star Service


Beautiful Clay Tiled Roof