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Cedar shakes, a Canadian classic

The Cedar shake is a premium type of roof that provides, an elegant, rustic and classic look to any home. They are made with split logs formed into a wooden shingles. As a result, cedar shingles do not usually lay flat because of their shape irregularity that gives a natural look. Thus, they remain a popular roof option for many homes in Alberta and British Columbia, a true Western Canadian roof.

A great advantage of  cedar shakes is it that they can be customized according to your preferred design and give a more unique look for your project. there are several types of wood shingles, among them the most popular are: the Tapersplit Shake, the Tapersawn Shake and  the Hand-Split Resawn Shake.

Fire Rating

Flammability tends to be a top concern among homeowners considering a wooden roof. However, it is important to know that  many improvements have been done in the industry and current cedar shakes available can be as fire resistant as other types of shingles such as asphalt or rubber. Therefore, it is important to make sure that the cedar shingles you get installed have the appropriate fire rating, as some are still sold without any.


Unlike popular belief, cedar shakes are an environmentally sound choice for your roof. Trees are a renewable resource and the use of wood building products. The Canadian forest industry replaces what it removes; the same cannot be said of many other alternative building products.

Cedar Roof

Popular Cedar Roof Options

Autumn Cedar

Autumn Cedar Shake

Short Description:

Goes very well with brick and stone exteriors. This is also a natural tonality of cedar and gives that wooden exterior feel to the house.

Classic Cedar

Classic Cedar Shake

Short Description:

This is the classic cedar color, it is an original timeless and very popular for cabins, cottages  and homes designed with an Alpine feel to them.

Mountain Cedar

Mountain Cedar Shake

Short Description:

Mountain cedar pairs great with light exteriors ( white / light grey ) giving it a nice contrast and executive feel to your home.

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