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The asphalt shingle, a pocket friendly classic

Asphalt roofs have remained one of the most popular options in Southern Alberta and they are the most common roof type in Lethbridge. There are several reasons why the asphalt shingle is such a popular option, among those:

  • It is pocket friendly ( low cost )
  • It gives that classic ‘North American’ suburban look
  • Comes in a wide array of colors
  • It has a good lifespan

Asphalt shingles used to be an expensive kind of roofing materials. Thanks to innovation in the industry, it is now a low cost option. the shingles are typically made of weather resistant and resilient materials such as fiberglass, asphalt, SBS and other aggregates. These materials create a great seal for your roof with a low incidence of leaks affecting the roof structure.

Last, asphalt roofs are also the easiest to repair compared to other roofs. They have a long warranty and are usually also very easy to repair. All and all making asphalt a great choice, and a reason for its widespread use and popularity.

There are instances that installation can be difficult in some architectural areas so this is the best one to use because it is makes the installation easier even on the smaller areas.

Asphalt Roof and house window

Popular Asphalt Shingle Colors

Brick Red

Red Asphalt Shingle

Short Description:

Great option to make that classic red roof feel to your house. Recommended with darker exterior siding ( walls )

Classic Black

Black Asphalt

Short Description:

For that classic executive looks, this is a great option for town-homes and a more urban environment.


Grey Shingle Color

Short Description:

Ideal with almost any type of siding. This is a great choice for those who want to blend in and don’t have their homes stand out from the ‘crowd’, a timeless classic.

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Classic Albertan Asphalt Roof