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Elite Soffit

make that roof look spectacular with a great Soffit finishing!

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ELITE Warranty

Exclusive 5 year Elite Workmanship Warranty on all of our projects.

A+ Rating

A+ Rating from the Better Business Bureau and 10/10 on Homestars

Built Green

Many of our materials are recycled / eco-friendly and comply with the highest building standards.

The Soffit of your house

Soffit refers to a ceiling section from the top of an exterior house wall to the outer edge of the roof. It basically bridges the gap between the siding of the building and the roof line, otherwise known as the eaves or roof gutters. When installed properly, the material is typically screwed or nailed to rafters known as lookout rafters.

The length of the soffit on a building’s exterior can vary from a few inches to several feet, depending on construction and the architectural style. It can be non-ventilated or ventilated for cooling non livable attic space. the grill that typically covers the venting opening on the bottom of the soffit is called the vent and that aides in the ventilation of the roof structure.

The high wind climate in Lethbridge and Southern Alberta can cause rain to swirl up under the eaves, your Soffit is what keeps water from blowing into your house.  If it’s not installed properly or maintained well, it can collect water and create potential problems for your roof.It is therefore recommended that at least once a year when you clean and inspect your gutters, you take the time to look at this important feature of your roof for any signs of decay such as paint peeling and other problems. It is highly recommended to make sure that everything is kept well-painted, sealed and caulked.
Roof Soffit
Wood Soffit

What is it made of?

Normally Soffit is made from aluminum or wood,  however many many homeowners are now choosing ones made from synthetic and composite materials like UPVC and vinyl because they offer easy maintenance and durability. Vinyl soffits come in different styles to complement the architecture and look of your home. There are also products available made from recycled materials, for those who want a greener option for their house.

UPVC and vinyl are becoming more and more popular and are usually the choice for many home builders. UPVC is definitely a great choice for the Lethbridge climate and offers significant advantage over the other materials available.